J. Michael Kaufman, JD

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2345 Ashland Avenue Cincinnati Ohio 45206 US

I have been exclusively practicing and litigating Family Law since 1993. I have seen the good, the ugly, and the uglier. It is my overwhelming experiance that those cases which are litigated through the Family Law Court are counter productive to the FAMILY UNIT. Litigants may not be husband and wife for much longer, but they will always be Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa after that. Collaborative Law offers families a more dignified and respectful termination of their marriage. Familes, and especially the children, deserve a respectful and less destructive division of their family. I do not care what the situation, division of the family does not have to be ugly or cause collateral damage to the children! I am the product of divorced parents who did not involve their children in their divorce. There were no negative reprecussions to me or my siblings as a result of my parent’s divorce. It was because my parents decided to approach their divorce in an amicable and respectful manner and not involve their children. Termination of a marriage CAN happen in a dignified manner that is not damaging to the family. Most of the time a healthy parting of the ways between two unhappy spouses leads to a more healthy family unit. A healthier family unit is my ultimate professional goal!

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Collaborative Training (Year, Training Type, Instructor, Hours)

2011, Mediation Training, OSBA, 40.0

2005, Mediation Training, Jim Melamed, 30.0

2002, Advanced Collaborative Law Training, Chip Rose, 16.0

2001, Intermediate Collaborative Law Training, Several Instuctors, 50.0

2000, Basic Collaborative Law Training, Chip Rose, 16.0

Undergraduate Education
Seven Hills High School Cinti, Ohio 1985; Indiana University, 1989, Bachelor of Arts
Law School
Salmon P. Chase College of Law (N.K.U.), 1992, Juris Doctor
Practice Area(s)
Arbitration, Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support and Alimony, Collaborative Practice, Enforcement, Mediation, Paternity, Property, Relocation
Membership Positions

Cincinnati Bar Association

Cincinnati Academy for Collaborative Professionals

Center for Resolution of Disputes (Mediator)

Guardian Ad Litem for Hamilton County

Professional Licenses

Juris Doctor of Law

Certified Collaborative Family Law Attorney

Certified Family Law Mediator

Certified Guardian Ad Litem